Online English Language Practice

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Online English Practice Course uses  the most effective materials created and provided by Oxford University in order to develop the students’ grammar and vocabulary.

This highly visual , media – rich online program provides a six – staged structure and uses a clear pedagogic approach that supports students as they work through the material.

What makes this program special and highly recommended is the combination of grammar and vocabulary . Students develop their language skills independently while the teacher tracks their progress , comunicates with them through massages , and improve their learning.

Key features

  • Flexible content controlled by teacher – 25 hours of grammar and vocabulary practice per level .
  • Step – by – step student support – Each learning module follows a six-staged approach to create a comprehensive learning journey . Students can access additional grammar and vocabulary references , wordlists , irregular verb lists , tips and more .
  • Independent learning – Each module is carefully structured around a certain topic to ensure the students are learning language in a meaningful context .
  • Media -rich – Engage the students with compelling content including grammar animations , audio , videos , infographics , striking photography , and interactive activities .
  • Aligned to the CEFR – Give the students practice at the level that is right for them , with self – check “can-do” statement at the end of each module .



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