Boost your business and career with our course Business Result -Language at work

Who is Business Result  – Language at work Course for?

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  • comprehensive

  • multi-level

  • suitable for a wide range of learners

  • learning appropriate language for communicating externally – with clients or suppliers

  • practice situations that take place within an organisation – informal meetings , job appraisals , or social chat

  • writing effective emails

  • vocabulary in realistic context

  • using grammar as a key element for an accurate and proficient way of business communication

  • easy-to-use-platform

  • Course developed by Oxford University


Business Results – Language at work – Professional Development Course

*100% online Course

* 16 lessons

* 2 times per week

* 2 months the length of the Course

* Certificate of Completion released at the end of the         Course by Excellence Online Academy

Business Result – Language At Work

Boost your Business and Career – Professional Development Course


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