English Grammar In Use-Content

Online English Grammar

The Course is perfect for improving and developing student's skills.


 The Course is made of 145 Units covering the following grammatical concepts:

  1. Present and past
  2. Present perfect and past perfect
  3. Future
  4. Modals
  5. If and Wish
  6. Passive
  7. Reported speech
  8. Questions and auxiliary verbs
  9. ing and to
  10. Articles and nouns
  11. Pronouns and determiners
  12. Relative clauses
  13. Adjectives and adverbs
  14. Conjunctions and prepositions
  15. Prepositions
  16. Phrasal verbs

Each Unit contains explanations with examples and illustrations . An     ” Audio”  button is attached to every example , in order to help students to get familiar with the pronunciation .

A wide range of exercises are provided  at the end of each lesson . The teacher will send you even more exercises for extra practice .