General English Course

Duration: 12 weeks

Studying time: 80 hours ( approx. 7 hours per week) self-paced learning, entirely online

Live lessons with a native speaker teacher: 8 sessions ( 1 session per week)

Our General English Course has 6 levels

  • Beginners- CEFR A1
  • Lower Intermediate -CEFR A2
  • Intermediate-CEFR B1
  • Upper-Intermediate – CEFR B2
  • Advanced – C1
  • Business

Each Course Level has 12 Units.

Each Unit consists of four lessons that cover all four necessary skills:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Grammar
  3. Speaking
  4. Listening

Each lesson is enriched with exercises for practice.

Our courses provide a new method of learning – INDUCTIVE LEARNING – students are challenged to figure out the grammar structure or the vocabulary required while they are solving the exercises.

The course has several “Check-out points” and the students are assessed with applying their new skills.

See how our Cambridge materials enable better        learning experiences

Our courses are based on a high level of technology blended with modern teaching strategies. We particularly  focus on the following aspects :

  • Conversation strategies – The course dedicates a full lesson in each unit to the teaching of Conversation Strategies to make sure that our students learn all the skills needed to develop effective spoken communication.
  • Inductive learning  – Figure it out tasks are specially designed to challenge students to think about how they can use in practice their new grammatical knowledge.


The student has access to

  • Online Student Course Book
  • Online Student Workbook
  • Video Activities
  • Games
  • Quizzes and Tests

The teacher will track the student’s progress and a report card will be released by the end of the Course.

The student is free to email the teacher anytime considers that help is required.

By the end of the Course, a Certificate of Completion

will be released.